​​​​​Is your business exposed to non-compliance workers compensation penalties and at risk of continuous workers' compensation violations?

​​​Mod Master Analysis is a tool that provides an overview of a Business Workers Compensation Experience

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​​​​​Audit Assistance

To prevent an Estimated Audit our auditing techniques can help you protect your profits and save money.

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What is mod master analysis

Mod Master Analysis is a tool that provides an overview of a Business Workers Compensation Experience.

It offers business insight, uncovers actionable problem areas and improves your impact on total workers' compensation costs.

​It is important to analyze this data because Employee and Workers Compensation Insurance are affixed cost in a Business Budget.

Preforming & reviewing an analysis can enlighten a business to a problem area – see an incurred cost approaching - learn the performance of Safety Programs– assist a company with saving for growth and development of other areas of the company. 

With this one-of-a-kind software and the guidance of Queen City Professional Services you will immediately understand this sector of your business and you will be able to PLAN for successful business growth & employee safety.

Be an industry leader. Begin your Queen City Mod  Master Experience today