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Workers Comp Non Compliance

What do I do with a Non-Compliance Notification?

A non-compliance notification  is issued by your state for not having the proper Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy in place at the time of hiring employees and issuing payroll.

This can be financially detrimental to your business if notices go unanswered. The State will fine your Company $200 a day for every day you are without Workers Compensation coverage, costing more than a Workers Compensation Policy in most cases.

​​​​​Is your business exposed to non-compliance workers compensation penalties and at risk of continuous workers' compensation violations?

​​​Mod Master Analysis is a tool that provides an overview of a Business Workers Compensation Experience

Queen City Professional Services Inc.

We are here to help! The inquiry form is intimidating, but it needs to be answered within the given 30 days with a specific formatted letter. A Workers Compensation Policy needs to be initiated immediately and cannot be back dated. We can help ease your mind and fulfill both of these pieces for you and your company.

As a licensed Insurance Agent & Broker for 19 years I have educated myself and others with the Guidelines Issued of The State Handbook. I have personally assisted 100’s of clients with this process successfully and cost effectively. You could hire a Workers Compensation Attorney to handle this for you, which is very costly and puts the Compensation Board immediately on the defensive.
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What is a Non-Compliance Notification ?

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